Corpus Christi Police Department

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Street address 1114 Sam Rankin Street
City Corpus Christi
State Texas
Country USA
General phone number (361) 561-1386URIs of the form "(361) 561-1386" are not allowed.
Emergency phone number 911
Resource type Preparing for an emergency
Resource sub-type Government Resources (Local), Missing and Found Persons
Area(s) covered Corpus Christi
Map URL,+TX&geocode=Ce3QPOKgUoV1FQc0qAEdY9kx-imz0pJhgF9ohjGPkA6Jk1DRrg&q=police+headquarters&f=l&hl=en&sll=27.800583,-97.396381&sspn=1.098153,2.345581&ie=UTF8&ll=27.938607,-97.432251&spn=0.54838,1.172791&z=10&iwloc=A&cid=13939379784627115236
Languages English
Sorting Parameter Police