2010 Chile Earthquake And Pacific Tsunami

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Affected City/Cities Concepción, Santiago, Curanipe, Talcahuano
Affected State/States Biobío Region
Affected Country/Countries Chile
Type Earthquake, Flooding and tsunami
Start date 2010/02/27
Twitter hashtags #chile, #quake, #terremotochile, #pacific, #tsunami, #hitsunami




  • GLIDE Number EQ-2010-000050-CHL
  • 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck Concepción, Chile in the early morning hours of Saturday, February 27, 2010. Tsunami warning has been issued for much of the Pacific, including Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii and the Pacific islands.

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Area affectedConcepción +, Santiago +, Curanipe +, Talcahuano +, Biobío Region + and Chile +
CityConcepción +, Santiago +, Curanipe + and Talcahuano +
CountryChile +
Emergency typeEarthquake + and Flooding and tsunami +
Start date27 February 2010 +
StateProvinceBiobío Region +
Twitter hashtag#chile +, #quake +, #terremotochile +, #pacific +, #tsunami + and #hitsunami +