2010 Dengue Epidemic

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Affected City/Cities Tegucigalpa
Affected State/States
Affected Country/Countries Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Paraguay, Puerto Rico
Type Disease outbreak
Start date 2010/03/16
Twitter hashtags #dengue






GLIDE Numbers: EP-2010-000058-ARG, EP-2010-000058-ARG, EP-2010-000058-BRA, EP-2010-000058-SLV, EP-2010-000058-COL, EP-2010-000058-PRY, EP-2010-000058-PRI,

Countries of the Americas reported a total of 146,006 cases of dengue, out of which 2,706 were severe dengue. A total of 79 deaths have been reported, with a Regional fatality rate of 2.9%. Reported by PAHO.

Dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) are acute febrile diseases which occur in the tropics, can be life-threatening, and are caused by four closely related virus serotypes of the genus Flavivirus, family Flaviviridae. It is also known as breakbone fever, since it can be extremely painful. It occurs widely in the tropics. Wikipedia:Dengue fever

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