2010 Java Volcano Eruptions

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Affected City/Cities
Affected State/States
Affected Country/Countries Indonesia
Type Volcanic eruption
Start date 2010/10/25
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Update 5-Nov-2010 - Mount Merapi eruption casualites and evacuation
  • By 5 November at 3PM the Indonesian National Disaster Management Agency was reporting 122 deaths attributable to the Merapi eruptions, primarily from the area of residents from Sleman Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta with an additional 151 injured people admitted to four Yogyakarta hospitals. Soldiers joined rescue operations in Bronggang, 15 kilometers from the crater to assist in recovering bodies from the village. At least 78 bodies were removed from homes and streets blanketed by ash up to 30-centimeters deep. They had been killed when hot ash clouds from the crater had travelled down the mountain in pyroclastic flows at speeds of up to 100km per hour and engulfed their village. Many of the dead on Friday 5 November were children from Argomulyo village, 18 kilometers from the crater, according to emergency response officials and witnesses. Wikipedia:Mount_Merapi#Casualties
  • A much larger and more explosive Merapi eruption occured on 1am, Friday, November 5, 2010 following Thursday eruption. Roaring sound and intensive volcanic tremor was heard and felt since 11pm on Thursday until several blasting sound heard around 12am to 1am. Pyroclastic surges associated with this eruption injures more than 20 people, the number expected to rise. Thick ash, sand and gravel hits nearby city of Yogyakarta, Magelang, Purworejo, Solo and Klaten. The authority expand the exclusion zone to 20km and move all evacuation center that were located in Sleman regency to Maguwoharjo stadium, located 30 km from the volcano. Natural Disasters in Indonesia