2011 Sendai Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

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Affected City/Cities Sendai, Tokyo
Affected State/States Miyagi Prefecture, Iwate Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture
Affected Country/Countries Japan
Type Earthquake, Flooding and tsunami, Utility disruption, Nuclear and radiation accidents
Start date 2011/03/11
Twitter hashtags #tsunami, #eqjp, #jpquake, #sendai, j_j_helpme






GLIDE Number: EQ-2011-000028-JPN


Situation reports

  • Japan Quake Map Dynamic map of earthquake epicenters, depths, and magnitudes by time periods
  • Unitar: Japan Maps 17 Mar, 2011 - Tsunami-related standing water bodies, Sendai, Miyagi prefecture, Japan

SitReps by date

2011-03-18 1840 GMT-7
2011-03-16 1800 GMT-8 - Radiation reports
2011-03-13 2100 GMT-8
  • Kyodo News Bulletins
    • A hydrogen explosion occurred Monday morning at the quake-hit Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant's troubled No. 3 reactor, the government's nuclear safety agency said, urging about 600 residents in a 20-kilometer radius to stay indoors. [1]
    • Some 2,000 bodies were found Monday on two shores in Miyagi Prefecture following Friday's devastating earthquake and massive tsunami, as Japan continued to struggle to grasp the whole picture of the disaster. [2]
2011-03-12 1700 GMT-8
2011-03-11 1700 GMT-8
  • Kyodo News Bulletins
    • 217 confirmed dead, over 1,000 feared dead in megaquake
    • 2 quake-hit power plants to release pressure
2011-03-11 0855 GMT -5
  • Tsunami waves begin to strike Hawaii. Initial reports suggest relatively moderate tsunami activity. Live coverage here: http://hitsunami.info/
  • AP reports bodies of 200-300 tsunami victims found along Japanese coast [3]
2011-03-11 0300 GMT-8
  • The 2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami was an 8.9-magnitude earthquake that created tsunami waves of up to 10 metres (33 ft). Reportedly, the epicenter was located off the Oshika Peninsula, the east coast of Tohoku, Japan on Friday, March 11, 2011 at 05:46 UTC (2:46 p.m. local time) at a depth of 24.4 kilometres (15.2 mi). The earthquake occurred 130 kilometres (81 mi) east of Sendai, Honshu, Japan. Its epicenter was 373 kilometres (232 mi) from Tokyo, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). A 7.1 magnitude aftershock was reported 40 minutes following the initial quake. At least twenty aftershocks of magnitude 5.5 or greater have occurred since the initial quake. Initially reported as 7.9 by the USGC, the magnitude was quickly restated as 8.8 and then 8.9. Wikipedia:2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami
  • Widespread tsunami warnings around the Pacific Basin issued by NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center

International Humanitarian Relief Clusters

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