Alabama Department of Public Safety

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State Alabama
Country USA
General phone number *HP or *47URIs of the form "*HP or *47" are not allowed.
Specific emergencies 2011 April-25-28 Southeast US Tornado Outbreak, 2017 Hurricane Nate
Resource type Preparing for an emergency, Getting help after an emergency, News
Resource sub-type Helpline Phone Numbers
Area(s) covered Alabama
Sorting Parameter Alabama

"*HP" (or *47) is a cellular telephone network providing direct access to Alabama state trooper posts. By dialing "*HP" (or *47) for Highway Patrol, motorists with cellular phones may contact Alabama state trooper posts to report traffic accidents, highway emergencies, stranded motorists, suspected drunken drivers or other major hazards.

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Area coveredAlabama +
CountryUSA +
Emergency2011 April-25-28 Southeast US Tornado Outbreak + and 2017 Hurricane Nate +
Resource sub-typeHelpline Phone Numbers +
Resource typePreparing for an emergency +, Getting help after an emergency + and News +
Sorting ParameterAlabama +
StateAlabama +
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