CNN: Hurricanes and Cyclones

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Specific emergencies Tropical Storm Bonnie 2010, Hurricane Alex 2010, Hurricane Earl, 2010 Hurricane Karl, 2010 Hurricane Igor, 2010 Typhoon Megi
Resource type Preparing for an emergency, Getting help after an emergency, News
Resource sub-type News, News (Television), News (International)
Types of emergencies handled Severe weather; Flooding and tsunami
Area(s) covered World, USA, Mexico, Bermuda, Canada
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Area coveredWorld +, USA +, Mexico +, Bermuda + and Canada +
EmergencyTropical Storm Bonnie 2010 +, Hurricane Alex 2010 +, Hurricane Earl +, 2010 Hurricane Karl +, 2010 Hurricane Igor + and 2010 Typhoon Megi +
Emergency typeSevere weather + and Flooding and tsunami +
Resource sub-typeNews +, News (Television) + and News (International) +
Resource typePreparing for an emergency +, Getting help after an emergency + and News +
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