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The State(Province) of Caicos Islands

Country: Turks and Caicos

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The Caicos Islands are the larger group, with almost 96 percent of the land area (589.5 km2/227.6 sq mi) and 82 percent of the population (26,584 out of a total of 33,302 in 2006). The Caicos Islands are arranged around the Caicos Bank, like an atoll, with the six large islands in the west, north and east, and a few tiny reefs and cays in the south. The Caicos Bank itself, an underwater limestone bank, on which the islands rest, covers an area of 6,140 km2/2,370 sq mi. The unofficial capital of the Caicos Islands is the village of Kew on North Caicos. There is no official capital because the island group is not an administrative unit. The Caicos Islands encompass four of the six administrative districts of the territory. Four of the six main islands are inhabited, plus two of the smaller islands:

Main islands, from West to East, with population estimates of 2006:

  • West Caicos (uninhabited since the early 1900s)
  • Providenciales (main urban centre, with most of the population: 22,542)
  • North Caicos (population 1,895)
  • Middle Caicos (population 468)
  • East Caicos (uninhabited since the early 1900s)
  • South Caicos (population 1,579)
  • Ambergris Cay (uninhabited up until 1997)