Campbell Islands

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The State(Province) of Campbell Islands

Country: New Zealand

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The Campbell Island group (or Campbell Islands) is a group of sub-Antarctic islands, belonging to New Zealand. The group has a total area of 113.31 km2 (43.75 sq mi), consisting of one big island, Campbell Island (112.68 km2/43.51 sq mi), and several small islets, notably Dent Island (0.23 km2/0.089 sq mi), Isle de Jeanette Marie (0.11 km2/0.042 sq mi, Folly Island (or Folly Islands), Jacquemart Island (0.19 km2/0.073 sq mi), and Monowai Island (also known as Lion Rock, 0.08 km2/0.031 sq mi)1. Ecologically, they are part of the Antipodes Subantarctic Islands tundra ecoregion. Wikipedia:Campbell Island group