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Specific emergencies Hurricane Alex 2010, Hurricane Earl, 2011 Hurricane Irene, 2012 Hurricane Sandy, 2017 Hurricane Irma, 2017 Hurricane Harvey, 2018 Hurricane Florence, 2018 Hurricane Michael, 2019 Hurricane Dorian
Resource type Preparing for an emergency, Getting help after an emergency, Recovery, News
Resource sub-type Shelters/Lodging/Relocation/Evacuation
Types of emergencies handled Earthquake; Volcanic eruption; Severe weather; Flooding and tsunami
Area(s) covered USA, World, Texas, North Carolina


Many people that self-evacuate before a hurricane choose to stay in their travel trailers, recreational vehicles, or tents in areas away from the possible hurricane landfall. This section provides information on commercial RV parks and public campgrounds.

For hotels, motels, and other accommodations please see Lodging

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EmergencyHurricane Alex 2010 +, Hurricane Earl +, 2011 Hurricane Irene +, 2012 Hurricane Sandy +, 2017 Hurricane Irma +, 2017 Hurricane Harvey +, 2018 Hurricane Florence +, 2018 Hurricane Michael + and 2019 Hurricane Dorian +
Emergency typeEarthquake +, Volcanic eruption +, Severe weather + and Flooding and tsunami +
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