ESRI Hurricane and Cyclone Map

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Specific emergencies Hurricane Alex 2010, Hurricane Earl, 2010 Hurricane Karl, 2010 Hurricane Igor, 2010 Typhoon Megi, 2011 Hurricane Irene, 2012 Hurricane Isaac, 2012 Hurricane Sandy, 2017 Hurricane Harvey, 2017 Hurricane Irma, 2017 Hurricane Maria, 2017 Hurricane Nate, 2018 Hurricane Florence, 2018 Hurricane Michael, 2019 Hurricane Dorian
Resource type Preparing for an emergency, News
Resource sub-type News (Maps)
Types of emergencies handled Severe weather

This interactive map allows you to view location-based feeds, including recent news, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube videos. You can also place new information on the map, including links to websites, photos, videos, and other relevant information. To add content, select a feature type under Shared Content, click on the map, and provide a link to your content.