Global Nutrition Cluster

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Resource type Preparing for an emergency, Getting help after an emergency, Giving help after an emergency, Recovery, News
Resource sub-type Aid Agencies (International), Food/Nutrition, Government Resources (International), News (International)
Types of emergencies handled Earthquake; Volcanic eruption; Severe weather; Flooding and tsunami; "Civil disturbance" is not in the list of possible values (Earthquake, Volcanic eruption, Severe weather, Flooding and tsunami, Urban fire or explosion, Wildland fire, Utility disruption, Transportation emergency, Solar storm/EMP attack, Meteorite/space debris, War or Civil disturbance, Chemical spill or release, Disease outbreak, Famine, Nuclear and radiation accidents) for this property.; Disease outbreak; Famine

"The Global Nutrition Cluster (GNC) was established in 2006 with a vision to safeguard and improve the nutritional status of emergency affected populations by ensuring a coordinated, appropriate response that is predictable, timely, effective and at scale."

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Emergency typeEarthquake +, Volcanic eruption +, Severe weather +, Flooding and tsunami +, Disease outbreak + and Famine +
Resource sub-typeAid Agencies (International) +, Food/Nutrition +, Government Resources (International) + and News (International) +
Resource typePreparing for an emergency +, Getting help after an emergency +, Giving help after an emergency +, Recovery + and News +
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