Gulf of Mexico - Transocean Drilling Incident

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General phone number 1-866-557-1401URIs of the form "1-866-557-1401" are not allowed.
Specific emergencies 2010 Gulf Coast Oil Spill
Resource type News
Resource sub-type Government Resources (National), Helpline Phone Numbers, Information, News
Types of emergencies handled Chemical spill or release
Area(s) covered Gulf of Mexico
Sorting Parameter Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida

This site is providing information regarding the April 20 incident in the US Gulf of Mexico involving a Transocean drilling Rig Deep Water Horizon. The Horizon was engaged in drilling activity on behalf of BP at Mississippi Canyon Block 252, about 52 miles southeast of Venice, La.

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Area coveredGulf of Mexico +
Emergency2010 Gulf Coast Oil Spill +
Emergency typeChemical spill or release +
Resource sub-typeGovernment Resources (National) +, Helpline Phone Numbers +, Information + and News +
Resource typeNews +
Sorting ParameterLouisiana +, Mississippi +, Alabama + and Florida +
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