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URL http://www.crisiswiki.org/Ham_Radio_Resources
Resource type Preparing for an emergency, Getting help after an emergency, Giving help after an emergency, Recovery, News
Resource sub-type Telecommunications (Ham Radio Resources)
Types of emergencies handled Earthquake; Volcanic eruption; Severe weather; Flooding and tsunami; "Urban fire, explosion, or bombing" is not in the list of possible values (Earthquake, Volcanic eruption, Severe weather, Flooding and tsunami, Urban fire or explosion, Wildland fire, Utility disruption, Transportation emergency, Solar storm/EMP attack, Meteorite/space debris, War or Civil disturbance, Chemical spill or release, Disease outbreak, Famine, Nuclear and radiation accidents) for this property.; Wildland fire; Utility disruption; Transportation emergency; Chemical spill or release
Area(s) covered USA


Amateur Radio operators are fully engaged to provide emergency communications if needed.

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  • ARRL Hurricane Page The American Radio Relay League is the national organization for Amateur Radio. They have created a web page aggregating ham radio resources relating to Gustav.


  • On the bands, the national HF Hurricane Watch Net can be found on 14.325 MHz (3.950 Mhz alternate). Here are frequencies to MONITOR when the nets become active along the Gulf Coast. Most of us can't hear the weaker portable or mobile stations on frequency so it's best to just stay in receive mode:
    • Emergency Net: Daytime 7.285 MHz Night 3.873 MHz
    • Health & Welfare: Daytime 7.290 MHz Night 3.935 MHz
    • Texas Weather Net: 7.248
    • More frequencies and abbreviations from N1TAI




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