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URL http://wiki.ict4peace.org/Pakistan-Floods
Specific emergencies Pakistan Floods 2010
Resource type News
Resource sub-type General Aid, Aid Agencies, Donations, Information, News (Directories), News (Maps)
Types of emergencies handled Flooding and tsunami
Area(s) covered Pakistan
Sorting Parameter Pakistan
  • Information Communications Technology (ICT) for Peace Foundation
  • This wiki features a comprehensive collection of links to satellite imagery and GIS information from Google and elsewhere, key UN contacts, on the ground information, a collection of videos showing the devastation and links to a number of other vital news & information aggregation portals.
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Area coveredPakistan +
EmergencyPakistan Floods 2010 +
Emergency typeFlooding and tsunami +
Resource sub-typeGeneral Aid +, Aid Agencies +, Donations +, Information +, News (Directories) + and News (Maps) +
Resource typeNews +
Sorting ParameterPakistan +
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