Kashf Foundation

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URL http://www.kashf.org/
Contact email address info@kashf.org
Street address 19-Aibak Block,

New Garden Town

Contact url - http://www.kashf.org/site_files/display_content.asp?id=17

City Lahore
State Punjab
Country Pakistan
General phone number +92-42-111-981-981
Specific emergencies Pakistan Floods 2010
Resource type Giving help after an emergency, Recovery
Resource sub-type Aid Agencies (National), Donations (Monetary)
Types of emergencies handled Flooding and tsunami
Area(s) covered Pakistan
Map URL http://www.kashf.org/site_files/areas_of_operation.asp
Sorting Parameter Pakistan
  • Kashf Foundation’s Flood Relief Drive 2010
  • Kashf's mission is to alleviate poverty by providing quality and cost effective microfinance services to low income households, especially women, in order to enhance their economic role and decision-making capacity.
  • We empower poor women and their families to become economically self reliant by providing financial services in a sustainable manner. We promote economic self-actualisation by providing the poor with continuous economic opportunities so they can realise their potential and overcome barriers of poverty. At Kashf we believe access to financial services is the basic right of each and every individual.