Mennonite Disaster Service

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Contact email address
Street address contact url -
General phone number (717)859-2210URIs of the form "(717)859-2210" are not allowed.
Specific emergencies 2013 Colorado Floods, March 2012 Midwest Tornadoes, 2012 Hurricane Sandy, 2013 Moore (OK) Tornado, 2017 Hurricane Harvey, 2017 Hurricane Irma, 2017 Hurricane Maria, 2018 Hurricane Michael, 2018 Hurricane Florence, 2019 Hurricane Dorian
Resource type Giving help after an emergency
Resource sub-type Aid Agencies (National), Donations, Donations (Goods), Donations (Services)
Types of emergencies handled Severe weather; Flooding and tsunami
Area(s) covered USA, Canada
Sorting Parameter USA, Canada

general donation url -