Midwest Blizzard 2011

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Affected City/Cities Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Missouri, Toronto
Affected State/States Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Iowa, Ontario, Texas
Affected Country/Countries USA, Canada
Type Severe weather
Start date 2011/01/31
Twitter hashtags #chicago, #blizzard, #snow, #snowmaggedon







  • In Missouri, a state of emergency has been declared by Governor Jay Nixon and has activated the Missouri National Guard. Interstate 70, which runs east/west for the entire length of Missouri was closed by the Missouri Department of Transportation from Wentzville to Kansas City, nearly 3/4 of the length of the interstate that runs through Missouri. Wikipedia
  • A major storm system is moving into the midwest, forecast to bring over 1 foot of snow to the upper midwest (north of Indianapolis) and up to 1 inch of freezing rain further south. A variety of Blizzard Warnings and Winter Storm Warnings have been posted. Currently, one wave is due to pass through the night of January 31, with a second, more severe wave on the night of Feb 1. Wednesday, Feb 2 could see strong winds with drifting of snow up to 2-3 feet, and major power outages in areas with icing.