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URL http://www.crisiswiki.org/Missing_and_Found
Resource type Getting help after an emergency, Giving help after an emergency, News
Resource sub-type Missing and Found Persons, News
Types of emergencies handled Earthquake; Severe weather; Flooding and tsunami
Area(s) covered World, USA

On this page you will find resources to help you find missing people and/or to alert others of your status and location

If you have Internet Access:

If you don't have internet access

  • Also: SMS (cell phone text message) "JOIN GUSTAVSAFE" to 40404, then send messages http://gustavtracker.appspot.com/to let people know if you need help or let others know you are safe

For Later - Other Family Reunification Services

  • FEMA http://www.fema.gov The Federal Emergency Management Agency provides financial and direct services to those affected by a Presidentially declared disaster. Requirements must be met to qualify for help from this program.
  • National Center for Missing & Exploited Children http://www.ncmec.org Serves as the nation's clearing house on issues related to missing and exploited children. Under a US Department of Justice directive, operated a call center during Hurricane Katrina and helped locate and reunify missing children with their families.
  • USPS http://www.usps.gov Provides continuing mail service for those displaced by disasters through change of address forms. Submitting a change of address form through the USPS ensures that mail will be redirected to a current address.
  • National Next of Kin Registry http://www.nokr.org An organization where the public can archive emergency point of contact information. Emergency agencies access the system when there is a need to locate next of kin in urgent situations.
  • Community Voice Mail http://www.cvm.org Provides free personalized phone number with voicemail to people in crisis and transition for job search, housing, healthcare and family contact. Current service in 38 cities via a network of 2,000+ social service agencies.
  • Contact Loved Ones http://www.contactlovedones.org Provides a free voice message service, accessible from any phone, to reestablish contact between those affected by a disaster and their loved ones and friends.

Regional resources for missing and found

Texas 2008

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