NDMA Pakistan: Flood 2010 Updates

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URL http://ndma.gov.pk/flood-2010.html
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Country Pakistan
Specific emergencies Pakistan Floods 2010
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Resource sub-type Aid Agencies (Local), Food/Nutrition, News (National), Shelters/Lodging/Relocation/Evacuation
Area(s) covered Pakistan
  • National Disaster Management Authority (Pakistan)
  • Daily spreadsheet of relief deliveries Pakistan for download
    • Sample report for 27-Aug-2010
a. Punjab
 (1) Three water plants have been installed including 25 filtration plants in various flood affected areas.
 (2) At present 30 water bowzers of Pakistan Army are supplying clean drinking water in flood affected area.
 (3) NDMA despatched 18.375 tons family ration packs to Rajanpur for flood affected areas.
b. Sind.
 (1) NDMA despatched 0.8 ton food items to Sukkur for flood affected areas.
 (2) PAF helicopters dropped 17,740 Kgs of ration items around Nawabshah.
 (3) A 60 members Chinese medical team was transported from Chaklala to Karachi alongwith medical equipment.
 (4) Pakistan Navy rescued 1477 persons and dropped 5.6 ton food at flood affected areas
c. Balochistan
 (1) Pakistan Army despatched a consignment of 40,000 liters of portable water, dry ration, medicines through a C-130 from Lahore to Sibbi.
d. GB.
 (1) Pakistan Army despatched 2 C-130 plane carrying ration, ration, dates and medicines were despatched to Quetta from Gujranwala
 (2) Pakistan Army Engineers have opened Road Gilgit - Skardu for all types of traffic.
 (3) 45 tons of relief goods have been handed over to civil administration for distribution in Chilas, Gilgit and Skardu.
e. Misc
 (1) 1x aircraft arrived from Azerbaijan at Chaklala Airbase carrying relief goods for flood affectees.
 (2) 1x C-130 carrying relief goods for flood affectees arrived Chaklala Airbase from Egypt.
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