New York Blood Center

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Street address Multiple locations in New York City, lower Hudson Valley, and Northern New Jersey.
State New York
General phone number (800) 933-2566URIs of the form "(800) 933-2566" are not allowed.
Resource type Giving help after an emergency
Resource sub-type Donations (Monetary), Donations (Services)
Types of emergencies handled Earthquake; "Urban fire, explosion, or bombing" is not in the list of possible values (Earthquake, Volcanic eruption, Severe weather, Flooding and tsunami, Urban fire or explosion, Wildland fire, Utility disruption, Transportation emergency, Solar storm/EMP attack, Meteorite/space debris, War or Civil disturbance, Chemical spill or release, Disease outbreak, Famine, Nuclear and radiation accidents) for this property.; Transportation emergency
Area(s) covered New York City, New York
Sorting Parameter New York

New York Blood Center provides life-saving blood products and clinical and transfusion services to close to 200 hospitals in New York and New Jersey each and every day.

Information about regional offices and donor center locations in New York and Northern New Jersey is here: