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The country of New Zealand

Continent: Australasia

States/Provinces in New Zealand: Antipodes Islands, Auckland Islands, Auckland Region, Bay of Plenty Region, Bounty Islands, Campbell Islands, Canterbury Region, Chatham Islands, Gisborne Region, Hawke's Bay Region, Kermadec Islands, Manawatu-Wanganui Region, Marlborough Region, Nelson Region, North Island, Northland Region, Otago Region, Snares Islands, South Island, Southland Region, Stewart Island, Taranaki Region, Tasman Region, Three Kings Islands, Waikato Region, Wellington Region, West Coast Region


Emergencies in this area: 2010 Christchurch NZ Earthquake, 2011 Christchurch NZ Earthquake

Resources in this area:


Sub-national government

  • New Zealand has no separately represented subnational entities such as provinces, states or territories, apart from local government. Wikipedia:New Zealand
  • Territorial authorities are the second tier of local government in New Zealand, below regional councils. There are 73 territorial authorities: 16 city councils, 56 district councils, and the Chatham Islands Council. Five territorial authorities (Nelson City Council, Gisborne, Tasman, and Marlborough District Councils and the Chatham Islands Council) also perform the functions of a regional council and thus are known as unitary authorities. Territorial authority districts are not subdivisions of regions, and some of them fall within more than one region. Taupo District has the distinction of straddling the boundaries of four different regions. Regional council areas are based on water catchment areas, whereas territorial authorities are based on community of interest and road access. Wikipedia:Territorial authorities of New Zealand
  • The region is the top tier of local government in New Zealand. There are 16 regions of New Zealand. Twelve are governed by an elected regional council, while four are governed by territorial authorities (the second tier of local government) which also perform the functions of a regional council and thus are known as unitary authorities. Wikipedia:Regions of New Zealand

North Island

Region - Council seat
  1. Northland Region - Whangarei
  2. Auckland Region - Auckland City
  3. Waikato Region - Hamilton (NZ)
  4. Bay of Plenty Region - Whakatane
  5. Gisborne Region - Gisborne (unitary authority)
  6. Hawke's Bay Region - Napier (NZ)
  7. Taranaki Region - Stratford (NZ)
  8. Manawatu-Wanganui Region - Palmerston North
  9. Wellington Region - Wellington

South Island

Region - Council seat
  1. Tasman Region - Richmond (NZ) (unitary authority)
  2. Nelson Region - Nelson (NZ) (unitary authority)
  3. Marlborough Region - Blenheim (NZ) (unitary authority)
  4. West Coast Region - Greymouth
  5. Canterbury Region - Christchurch
  6. Otago Region - Dunedin
  7. Southland Region - Invercargill

New Zealand outlying islands

Wikipedia:New Zealand outlying islands
  1. Kermadec Islands (33 km²)
  2. Three Kings Islands (4.9 km²) (aka Ngamotukaraka, Manawa Tawhi)
  1. Chatham Islands (966 km²) (aka Wharekauri, Rekohu)
  2. Bounty Islands (1.35 km²)
  3. Antipodes Islands (21 km²)
  1. Solander Islands (0.70 km²) (aka Hautere)
  2. Stewart Island (1746 km²)
  3. Snares Islands (3.4 km²) (aka Tini Heke)
  4. Auckland Islands (626 km²) (aka Motu Maha)
  5. Campbell Islands (113 km²) (aka Motu Ihupuku)

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