Oiled Wildlife Care Network

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URL http://www.owcn.org/
Country USA
General phone number (866) 448-5816URIs of the form "(866) 448-5816" are not allowed.
Emergency phone number (800) 557-1401
Specific emergencies 2010 Gulf Coast Oil Spill
Resource type Giving help after an emergency
Resource sub-type Animal Rescue Services, Information
Types of emergencies handled Chemical spill or release
Area(s) covered Louisiana

Although a California-based organization, the Oiled Wildlife Care Network is currently advising officials on scene in Louisiana and has deployed the director, Dr. Mike Ziccardi, to assist with the wildlife response activities.

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Area coveredLouisiana +
CountryUSA +
Emergency2010 Gulf Coast Oil Spill +
Emergency phone number(800) 557-1401 +
Emergency typeChemical spill or release +
Resource sub-typeAnimal Rescue Services + and Information +
Resource typeGiving help after an emergency +
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URLThis property is a special property in this wiki.http://www.owcn.org/ +