OneResponse: Pakistan Floods - 2010

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Specific emergencies Pakistan Floods 2010
Resource type Recovery, News
Resource sub-type Donations (Monetary), Information
Area(s) covered Pakistan
Sorting Parameter Pakistan
  • Funding contact:
    • Susan Le Roux
    • External Relations & Donor Liaison, OCHA Pakistan
    • +92 308 520 5819
  • OneResponse is a collaborative inter-agency website designed to enhance humanitarian coordination within the cluster approach, and support the predictable exchange of information in emergencies at the country level.
  • The primary audience for the website are humanitarian workers at the country level, including Cluster Leads, cluster members, OCHA, UN Common services etc. The secondary audience is global, including the global cluster staff at HQ, cluster members, donors, and OCHA.
  • Pakistan Dam Status Map and Legend