Pakistan Relief Toolkit

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Specific emergencies Pakistan Floods 2010
Resource type Preparing for an emergency, Giving help after an emergency, News
Resource sub-type Health and Safety, Information, Sanitation/Water, Shelters/Lodging/Relocation/Evacuation
Types of emergencies handled Severe weather; Flooding and tsunami
Area(s) covered Pakistan

The Pakistan Relief Toolkit is a one-stop source for technical and practical information that will help health workers respond to the flood relief efforts underway in Pakistan. The toolkit covers the vital sectors in emergencies, including health, water and sanitation, food security, and shelter. It also covers key field activities supporting the operations, such as logistics.

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Area coveredPakistan +
EmergencyPakistan Floods 2010 +
Emergency typeSevere weather + and Flooding and tsunami +
Resource sub-typeHealth and Safety +, Information +, Sanitation/Water + and Shelters/Lodging/Relocation/Evacuation +
Resource typePreparing for an emergency +, Giving help after an emergency + and News +
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