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ACT Alliance +Contact url -
ACTED +contact url -
ACTS World Relief +contact url -
ADPH Center for Emergency Preparedness +The RSA Tower 201 Monroe Street, Suite 1310 Montgomery, AL 36104
Acadiana Red Cross +
Acción contra el Hambre +contact url -
Act For Peace +Contact url -
Action Against Hunger +247 W 37th Street 10th Floor New York, NY, 10018 United States contact url -
Action Against Hunger UK +contact url -
Action Aid UK +contact url -
Action Medeor +kontakt url -
Action contre la faim +contact url -
Action d'Urgence Internationale +contact url -
Action for Boston Community Development, Inc +178 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02111
ActionAid Australia +contact url -
ActionAid International USA +1420 K Street NW Suite 900 Washington, DC, 20005 United States
ActionAid Italia +contact url -
Adventist Community Services +
Adventist Development and Relief Agency +contact url -
Adventist Development and Relief Agency Czech Republic +Kontakty url -
Adventist Development and Relief Agency New Zealand +contact url -
Adventist Development and Relief Agency of Canada +contact url -
Afghanistan Election Data +Contact:
African Medical and Research Foundation +contact url -
Agape Flights +100 Airport Avenue Venice, FL 34285
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