Rauði kross Íslands

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URL http://www.redcross.is/
Country Iceland
Specific emergencies Haiti earthquake of January 2010, Pakistan Floods 2010, 2011 Sendai Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
Resource type Getting help after an emergency, Giving help after an emergency
Resource sub-type General Aid, Aid Agencies (National), Donations
Types of emergencies handled Earthquake; Volcanic eruption; Severe weather; Flooding and tsunami
Area(s) covered World, Haiti, Port-au-Prince, Iceland, Pakistan
Languages Icelandic
Sorting Parameter Iceland

Donations for and information about their relief efforts after the 2010 Haiti earthquake url - http://www.redcross.is/page/rki_neydaradstod_haiti

Facts about "Rauði kross Íslands"RDF feed
Area coveredWorld +, Haiti +, Port-au-Prince +, Iceland + and Pakistan +
CountryIceland +
EmergencyHaiti earthquake of January 2010 +, Pakistan Floods 2010 + and 2011 Sendai Japan Earthquake and Tsunami +
Emergency typeEarthquake +, Volcanic eruption +, Severe weather + and Flooding and tsunami +
LanguagesIcelandic +
Resource sub-typeGeneral Aid +, Aid Agencies (National) + and Donations +
Resource typeGetting help after an emergency + and Giving help after an emergency +
Sorting ParameterIceland +
URLThis property is a special property in this wiki.http://www.redcross.is/ +