Ready Colorado

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City Denver
State Colorado
Country USA
General phone number 1-800-639-READY (7323)URIs of the form "1-800-639-READY (7323)" are not allowed.
Specific emergencies 2013 Wildfires, 2013 Colorado Floods
Resource type Preparing for an emergency, News
Resource sub-type Information
Types of emergencies handled Severe weather; Flooding and tsunami; Wildland fire
Area(s) covered Denver, Colorado
Sorting Parameter Colorado

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Facts about "Ready Colorado"RDF feed
Area coveredDenver + and Colorado +
CityDenver +
CountryUSA +
Emergency2013 Wildfires + and 2013 Colorado Floods +
Emergency typeSevere weather +, Flooding and tsunami + and Wildland fire +
Resource sub-typeInformation +
Resource typePreparing for an emergency + and News +
Sorting ParameterColorado +
StateColorado +
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