Support for 2011 Spring - Tornadoes-Floods-Winds Storms

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Specific emergencies 2011 April-25-28 Southeast US Tornado Outbreak
Resource type Getting help after an emergency, Giving help after an emergency, Recovery, News
Resource sub-type Aid Agencies, Animal Rescue Services, Donations, Health and Safety, Logistics, Shelters/Lodging/Relocation/Evacuation
Types of emergencies handled Severe weather
Area(s) covered USA
Languages English
Sorting Parameter USA

Citizen Action Team's Relief Database: Organizations receiving donations and offering assistance for the tornado victims in southeast USA. Listed by state, city and county. Displayed in interactive spreadsheets.

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Area coveredUSA +
Emergency2011 April-25-28 Southeast US Tornado Outbreak +
Emergency typeSevere weather +
LanguagesEnglish +
Resource sub-typeAid Agencies +, Animal Rescue Services +, Donations +, Health and Safety +, Logistics + and Shelters/Lodging/Relocation/Evacuation +
Resource typeGetting help after an emergency +, Giving help after an emergency +, Recovery + and News +
Sorting ParameterUSA +
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