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Current events

My task list


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2010 Mexico Floods
Spam patrol
  • I set up a Spam patrol with Spam Blacklist and Whitelist
installation of the SpamBlacklist extension.
  • I requested and received Administrator/Sysop role to manage the Blacklist and Whitelist.
--Jwalling 01:23, 20 January 2010 (UTC)
  • Resolved:
There is some controversy around the SpamBlacklist extension version compatibility with newer MW versions: 
   "The extension might work with MediaWiki  version 1.6.0 or greater."
SpamBlacklist extension is working correctly on version 1.13.0 at
We will need to do some checking to make sure it works OK with version 1.15.1 at
:--John Walling (jwalling) 02:06, 20 January 2010 (UTC)

2011 Texas drought and wildfires


2011 Hurricane Irene resources

8/28/2011 launched it's new website this past week. A virtual EOC for Hurricane Irene was created last night for sharing information with the public & colleagues.

Irene USNG GeoPDF download Flex viewer up and running at

All feedback welcome. Click on the USNG 1:24K 20 Sq.Km pages and download map page from the pop-up. Currently we have begun with the coastal North Carolina Counties. We will keep expanding coverage as we complete more counties up the Atlantic coast. You can directly access the download folder at

The New York City Office of Emergency Management has released a Crowdmap with the help of the Ushahidi team:

This is linked from the city's main page about severe weather:

The folks at OEM want to make it clear that Crowdmap website is for information sharing purposes and the city cannot commit to responses based on reports submitted there. To submit a formal service request to NYC, use 311. For emergency assistance, call 911. For more information about how the City is responding to the storm, visit:


Hurricane Irene Clean Up Efforts

17:56 8/26/2011

Crisis Commons

outage map NC

  • 1. For those without a central mapping capability, the REST service is

viewable courtesy of the Florida Division of Emergency Management at <>Gator

Florida's common library for "Irene Tweeters" available in both REST and KML formats to add to your library and playlist.

  • 3. I have also a KMZ and a ZIP file containing a Shapefile that others can

use to make a service, or add to it, correct it or maintain this for future use beyond this proof of concept. If you want the files then just email me.

  • 4. Another crowd sourcing effort that inspired the development of a web

service two days ago can be seen here:,-78.467102&fspn=0.979373,2.113495&st=105200986577291262422&rq=1&ev=zo&split=1&sll=34.976002,-73.553467&sspn=7.900649,16.907959&q=&msid=212023903528101172957.0004ab30a97da2512cd97&ll=37.07271,-75.750732&spn=7.693772,16.907959&t=h&z=7

All of the Red Cross shelters are listed on this page:

Additional news about Red Cross activities is available here:

There's a wikipage with tasks listed, pointers to pages etc here:

Data and services being hosted through this Irene group.

Not a part of the group and you can still access lots of data for Irene here.

If you need assistance from Esri we can be reached here.

Terra: links to maps and data have been getting added to the Crisis Commons wiki page and I also have some mirrored from at (I'll be adding to both of these in the future). See:

Per request created the NY landing wiki page off the main Irene wiki page. Can be ready for tasks, information-link sharing/consolidation, and collaboration launch point, No google docs yet for data.

Looks like they're back up for now:

Here's a mirror of these files:

Here are more maps including evacuation zones & shelters:

We have a map for the hurricane up here:

Tweak the Tweet map for #Irene powered by digital volunteers:

here's another NYC Evacuation Map (zones and shelters), for those still unable to get access This one's from NBC.

Thanks Annabel, that's the map produced by our Crisis Response Team here at Google.

For anyone wanting to link to (or embed) that map, please use this link:

More maps/KMLs here, including Uncertainty Cones, Storm Surge Probabilities, Red Cross National Shelter System, NYC Evacuation Zones and Centers

NC Utilities Commission:

Cheers, Brad

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